Přečtěte si, co říkají naši zákazníci o svých pařácích sena Haygain

David Simpson, Tamworth.
“We have had our HAYGAIN HG1000 full bale steamer for several months now and use it every day for steaming hay nets for our dressage horses. No more soaking which is such a relief and we are not losing any of the minerals anymore. HAYGAIN is great. Its very sensible; simple, light and easy to use. The horses love their HAYGAIN steamed hay and there’s no wastage.  They’re much better on it. We recommend HAYGAIN.”

Hannah Dunton, 3-Day Event Rider and Showjumper. Chelmsford, Essex
'I am so impressed with your HAYGAIN product and believe that it has really helped me this season in keeping the horses healthy and eating well, certainly the horse we originally bought it for has improved beyond belief
‘Clock’ has finished his eventing season now and is on a well deserved holiday. I have got three intro runs left with the baby horse called ‘Rope’ before we start a winter of show jumping with the two other jumpers we have.  .
Many  thanks once for all your help and support and for providing such a fantastic product and after sales service.'

Julia Dale, Cambridgeshire.

'Thank you so much for the efficient service in replacing my steamer and the pipe! The girls at Burghley were helpful and friendly and my new machine arrived the very next day. Thank you again.'

Sean Henderson, Int. Showjumper. South Africa
'My horses very much enjoy their HAYGAIN steamed hay. There's no wastage now - they eat more which is good. We have noticed that the 'heaves' my second best horse has after exercise has all but been eliminated. Coughing has long gone. We have noticed that the heart rates have also improved. HAYGAIN is a great product: the technical support and advisory service is really appreciated.'

Hannetjie Le Roux, Witbank. RSA
'My daughter is a Junior Showjumper. We feed all our horses with HAYGAIN steamed teff hay. There is a huge improvement in their overall wellbeing. They just love it and their nets are empty - no more soaking, and wastage is nil - we even now feed the outside of large round bales. We have got one horse's COPD completely under control with no more coughing or nasal discharge. The horses have gained good weight this winter and their condition looks so great now. Our farrier has remarked too that their feet are in much better condition. We have both the HAYGAIN HG1000 for our stables and the HG500 for travelling as we are away at shows all over the country. Fantastic product!'

John McKintosh, South Africa
'Our HAYGAIN is going very well. Our daughter is in the South African Junior Olympic Team. Our horses really enjoy their HAYGAIN steamed teff and lucerne hay. Their condition is really good. One which had a respiratory infection has totally cleared up since being on HAYGAIN steamed hay.'

Dominey Alexander, Int. Showjumper. Cellehof Stud, South Africa.
'HAYGAIN has most definitely improved our horses respiratory performance, particularly some with COPD. We feed the highest quality teff hay, but it still was very dusty but now isn't with HAYGAIN as all the fungal spores are killed. It seems to be better for our older horses digestibility as well as it's more hydrated and easier to eat. We have noticed that our wastage has dropped to an absolute minimum.'

Geoff Woodruff, Trainer. Vaal, South Africa
'Our HAYGAIN hay steamer HG1000 is very valuable to us. It's very very effective. Our 100 + horses all enjoy their steamed hay: smells lovely; no dust or wastage. We do our own scoping, and now have very noticeable cleaner tracts. Our horses are definitely healthier since on HAYGAIN. We steam over 22 bales a day every day on a 24 hour basis on 3 shifts on one machine, and have absolutely no problems with the unit. It's very easy to use and its construction is exceptionally robust.'

Mike Azzi, Trainer. Johannesburg.
'We are very happy with the new HAYGAIN hay steamers that we have. The hay now is clean and lovely and has drastically reduced our respiratory problems. The horses love it and wastage is minimal. they are very easy to use and we have a dedicated managed HAYGAIN steaming team to feed our 90 + horses. My horses are on fire with form!'

Jurgen van Heerden, Trainer. Johannesburg
'I am very happy with our HAYGAIN hay steamer. The horses have taken very well to their steamed hay and one can really see the difference it has made. A very good product.'

Vanessa Briggs, Worcestershire
This product is very robust, easy to use and very efficient. The hay is palatable and keeps its quality so we don’t need to feed as much hard feed. Fussy eaters enjoy their hay far more steamed than soaked.

Sarah Moore - Stan Moore Racing. Lambourn
“HAYGAIN HAY STEAMERS have been worth the investment!  Our horses look a million dollars – vast improvement in their condition which is showing up in blood tests and clean scoping which is now down to a minimum. They eat their hay so much better with not a scrap of wastage in the boxes and no wastage now in the hay barn as all the hay is steamed in the bale and then distributed. No mess. We get really good instant service from the Haygain team.”

Miss Copley, Cheltenham
“I’ve been really pleased with the Haygain, being asthmatic it means I can make haynets up from clean steamed hay which limits exposure to dust and spores.”

Chris Hood, Somerset
"I bought a Haygain Steamer to try and eliminate coughing in my yard of 7 horses. Three weeks later no coughs and no bad backs from lifting heavy wet nets! It’s been a god-send, my best buy!!"

Oakham Veterinary Hospital, Leicestershire
“At Oakham Veterinary Hospital we have been using a Haygain Steamer since February 2010.  It is used for hay fed to all our post surgery inpatients, allergy sufferers and those that are reluctant to eat.  Steamed hay is more palatable; it has increased moisture content with no loss of nutritional value and is dust free.   Our nursing staff and grooms find the Haygain Steamer clean and easy to use”.

Carol and Rachel Howe, Somerset
" We are very happy with our HAYGAIN - no more dealing with heavy wetted hay and the mess this causes. We are now assured of spore free, clean hay everyday. The HAYGAIN itself is really sturdy and great quality so happily lives on the yard. It is easy to use and we would highly reccommend to anybody. Also a special thanks to Becky for helping us get set up."

Lynn Marden, Ringwood
" An excellent product and an equally excellent service. I rang at 7.30am on a saturday morning, I needed it as soon as possible, had placed my order by 8.30am, it was delivered by 12 noon and the horses were eating the steamed hay by 1pm! It makes beautiful hay and has made such a difference over the past few months to two horses in particular that my vet has said I should only ever feed them the HAYGAIN hay! "

Alan Jones, Race horse Trainer, Newport.
" I have always found if you change your hay in a season then you change your form so having consistently good hay is very important to me. The HAYGAIN gives me complete peace of mind and takes away the guess work of feeding hay. I am convinced the steamed hay is speeding up the metabolism of my race horses so it is spending less time in their system to be digested; they look less bloated than when they are on dry hay. It is SO simple but very effective and I am sure they are running better since being on this consistent, clean hay. " 

Amy Evans, Abergavenny
" I bought the half bale hay steamer for my mare who has COPD and was particularly bad this year with a persistent cough and had lost condition. I was really worried about her but the support and advice I got from HAYGAIN was really good. Since having the HAYGAIN the coughing has stopped completely and after just a couple of months her condition is definitely better already. I went on a 15 mile fun ride the other day, something she couldn't have done before and she didn't cough once. I feel much better about feeding her hay now, it is a weight off my mind, it smells lovely and the service I have received has been great!  "

Shiree Darley, International Dressage Rider, Johannesburg. RSA

"I invested in Haygain in May 2010 due to having one of my top competition horses suffering from a respiratory problem. Our previous Teff hay management programme involved soaking all bales overnight prior to feeding, which in a small yard with limited space and facilities, was labour intensive, messy and time consuming. Added to this I was aware to remove dust and spores we were stripping the nutritional value of the Teff. The Haygain has been the streamlined solution to this – my whole experience has been so positive: the Haygain distributors, Equiproducts Consultants, have been extremely prompt, informative and helpful to deal with; installation was trouble–free: mystaff where fully trained on the operating and maintenance requirements.
Subsequently, all of my horses have improved in condition, my yard is easier to maintain and in just over an hour we are assured of beautiful plump, nutritional Teff hay bales with all the typical negative side effects removed". 


Rebecca Howard, International Event Rider and Equestrian Manager for The FORK Stables of Norwood, NC
“I have 15 horses that I feed steamed hay to daily. The HAYGAIN system has become an easy addition to my barn routine. I love HAYGAIN because the horses love it and eat every bit of their hay. Steamed HAYGAIN hay is clearly nutritionally superior to any other forage I could possibly offer them. My horses work so hard for me, so it only makes good sense for me to eliminate their exposure to harmful allergens through the use of the HAYGAIN system.”

Debbie Stephens, International Show Jumping World Record Holder of Palmetto, Florida
“HAYGAIN…it is a “win-win” for you and your horse. The hay you feed your horse is the single most important thing you can do to keep your horse healthy and at his competitive best. In the past, I would wet then soak my hay so my horses would not get dehydrated digesting their hay. With the HAYGAIN system, it steams the hay, eliminating the mold spores and dust that could give horses allergic reactions and colic. Congratulations HAYGAIN; you have solved a never ending battle. Thank you!”

Kate Burton, Event Rider, Somerset
"The hay smells really nice and the horses really like it especially when it’s warm. Its saves us loads of time & money compared to wetting hay. It makes it for easier in the winter and you don’t have to worry about freezing water on the yard."

Jane Stock, Dorset
Dear Brian, Rebecca, Becky and Janet!
Thank you all for all your help and support with the Haygain steamer and the clothing steamer for my shop, the service we recieved from you all has been excellent and it was lovely to meet Becky.
My horses are all living proof that the steamed hay is suitable for all types of horses - my miniture shetlands also love it!
Best Wishes

Dominique Ogier, Guernsey
"My HG500 is the best thing I have ever bought! I just wish I had bought it sooner as I now have a non- coughing horse. I am absolutely thrilled, thank you so much".

Kirstie Attisha, Blue Haven Farms of Ontario, Canada
“I bought the full-bale HAYGAIN HG-1000 steamer back in February of 2010 and I couldn't be more pleased.  Please trust that when you purchase any product from HAYGAIN you will receive an exceptional product as well as a company that stands behind it.  Their customer service is top notch, and they were always quick getting back to me to answer any of my questions. I was thrilled when it arrived. Both the hay and boiler chests are on wheels with handles for easy maneuverability.  The quality of construction is both functional and practical with safety in mind.  Truly a well thought out product.  The horses love it!  They eat all their hay and it smells and feels wonderful.  I sleep better at night knowing that my horses are receiving the best possible food.  It's already reduced my vet bills and I am back to riding my horse that I formerly just could not ride.  His cough is all but gone, and he is drug-free.  I couldn't ask for better.”

Alison Snowie, Blairlogie, Scotland
"I think is a wonderful product. Not only has it saved me money on medication but it has also saved my pony. He used to cough due to the spore in the hay and I didn’t want to keep him on medication for ever. It’s like he is a brand new pony on the HAYGAIN steamed hay and has now qualified for a working hunter class at The Royal International, Hickstead, so see you there!"

Martin Naylor, South Yorkshire
"Our cob Monty has COPD and used to be on Ventipulmin, he is now on HAYGAIN steamed hay instead and went the whole winter without coughing.  We are so pleased, it's a great machine and we would never go back. Thank you so much!"

Moya Bangham, Carriage Driving and Dressage.
"Just over a year ago I won a HAYGAIN in the BHS magazine competition and I can't tell you just how invaluable it has been for me and my ponies. I don't have electricity at the yard so I steam a bale at home, pop it in a bale bag and take it to the yard in the car. One of my ex-driving ponies Topsy at 30 years old really suffers from breathing problems but on the HAYGAIN steamed hay you wouldn't know it and she looks fantastic, they all do! I've even been steaming nets for a local dressage rider as her horse was coughing and he soon stopped, I really can't recommmend it enough! The other thing that is great is its easy to use and I don't have to lift the bale very high plus I don't have to deal with dripping wet hay and at my age (73) that makes a huge difference!"

Paní Jeannie Rose, Jersey
"Děkuji vám za vynikající a více než efektivní služby. Právě jsem obdržela můj pařák na seno Haygain, jaký rozdíl! Klisnu jsem koupila z Velké Británie, byla velmi vybíravá, teď je tak nadšená, že je těžké se dostat ráno do její stáje, protože chce své sladce vonící, Haygainem spařené seno. Je to snadné, stačí ho tam hodit a zapnout Haygain. Tak dobrý zákaznický servis je v dnešní době vzácný. "

Tony Symonds, Lincomb Equestrian Centre Owner
" We are very pleased with our HAYGAIN; it is super! We have a large yard here at Lincomb Equestrian with some fed hay and some fed haylage. We are now feeding less haylage and more hay than before because it is so easy to use and the horses seem to prefer it to the haylage which is great because it works out more economical for us." 

Sybille a Jurgen Mullovi, Německo
"Investice se vyplatila! S pařákem sena Haygain jsme naprosto spokojeni. Po několika dnech jsme rozeznali zlepšení alergie u našeho koně. V této chvíli mohu s koněm celkem dobře pracovat , což nebylo možné před koupí Haygainu.
Jsme velmi vděční za toto velké zlepšení, a doporučujeme Haygain zejména pro koně vykazující alergickou reakcí na prašné seno.

Marcelle Ward, West Sussex
"I recently had the use of a HAYGAIN steamer HG-1000 for my private yard where I have 5 dressage horses. This model of steamer was perfect for my use as it could steam a whole bale at a time and reduced the yard management time down dramatically. I also found that it was equally as good at just steaming two large hay nets if that was all I required. I have previously used other hay steamers and although they have helped my horses the HAYGAIN steamer eliminated all little stable coughs that my horse where still getting. I found this of great benefit to their training and overall performance, not to mention the peace of mind that my horses were having safe hay to eat. I can't thank HAYGAIN enough and highly recommend their product to any other equine owner."

Richard Hannon, Racehorse Trainer

“They are a great idea, work very well and take the fungal dust problem away completely. I’ve got 6 HAYGAIN units : three in each yard.  I get the service and the horses find even the top quality hay I feed more palatable, they really do eat it well so there is little wastage. They look really good on it so I'm very happy with HAYGAIN!” Richard Hannon Racing

Annie Kirwood, Dressage competitor, Hertfordshire
"My HG500 has been fantastic, there is no more lifting heavy hay nets and no frozen hay in the winter, plus its nice when it is cold outside to bring him into his stable to lovely warm hay and when I go to shows I dont have to wait for it to drain. I definitely think he is in better condition, my dentist commented only yesterday on well well he is looking, his coat is shiny he looks the best he has ever looked and is competing well (dressage). I had to stop by your stand to say "Hi", your aftersales service has been second to none and I really feel I've learn't a lot from your team!"

Amy Mathews, Cornwall

"My fussy, picky eater now eats all her hay! It makes the time spent on the yard quicker and there is no struggling with wet hay, my HG500 is great!"

Simon Jones, Racehorse Trainer/Show horse producer, Wales
" We are so pleased with our HAYGAIN that we bought at Badminton last year, it is the best thing we have ever bought! We have both race horses and show horses on the yard. Our race horses have had their best season yet and we recently scoped for routine purposes and they were all clean despite last year's hay quality not being great (before it is steamed!), we've never had that before even in years with better quality hay. The show horses look tremendous since being on HAYGAIN. We are really really pleased with it."

Rosanna Fouracre, Badminton competition winner 2009
"I entered the competition you ran at Badminton last year to win a HAYGAIN, a year on I'm back to tell you how thrilled we are with it! I was so shocked to win and it has been fantastic especially all through the winter. My brother's horse used to cough but has now stopped, the horse's really enjoy their steamed hay, it saves us time, my hands dont get cold in the winter and I LOVE IT!"

Jackie Dunton, Show jumper, Chelmsford
" One of my show jumpers has been unwell for 2 years with a dust allergy which we could not control with any medication or other environmental steps that we took. We had a HAYGAIN on trial and within a week he showed improvements and within 2 weeks he had stopped coughing all together! We now feed the whole yard of HAYGAIN steamed hay and they are all doing so well on it. We are very happy and are always recommending you. In fact we are so pleased, we have just ordered an HG-GO here on the stand at Badminton which will be great for when we go to competitions!"

Jo Measures, dresúrní jezdec/chovatel
"Je tak jednoduché ho používat, koně to milují, já to miluji, je to tak praktické. Dříve jsem seno namáčel, ale toto je mnohem jednodušší a ne jako vytahování kapajících mokrých sítí se senem z vany, z čehož mě bolívala záda!"

Mrs Esling, Worcester
"We bought our 1/2 bale HAYGAIN after seeing you at Gatcombe last year, we have stopped by your stand at Badminton today to tell you how thrilled we are with it.The hay that comes out is so palatable you could eat it yourself! We bought it for my daughter's PC eventer, his general well-being has definately improved. Before he was on the HAYGAIN steamed hay he would sneeze a lot but now his breathing is always good. It really is so easy to use, a super product, thank you!"

Warren Schofield MA, VetMB, CertES, MRCVS, DipECVS, Koňská nemocnice Troytown, Kildare, Irsko
"Používáme přirozeně zpařené seno z pařáků sena Haygain pro naše pooperační případy kolik. Zde se jeví  jako velmi užitečný při zotavení a pomáhá při návratu k běžnému krmení. Seno je velmi chutné pro koně, které mohou po chirurgickém zákroku jen pomalu začít žrát a jsou delší dobu v rekonvalescenci. Seno spařené Haygainem je rovněž vítaným krmivem pro majitele koní náchylných k laminitidě, takže tito mohou nyní krmit své koně šťavnatou píci bez obav, že by koně dostaly příliš mnoho bílkovin. Zvýšil chutnost, takže umožňuje krmení těchto koní senem nižší nutriční kvality.“

Chris Bealby, Racehorse trainer, North Lodge Racing
" We took delivery of an HG1000 HAYGAIN hay steamer in late February 2010, prior to which we had been wetting our hay before it was fed. March 2010 was the best month the yard has ever had with 8 winners!! We have also found that horses with irritating "dry" coughs stopped coughing within 3 days of being fed the HAYGAIN steamed hay. Propress Equine have always been very prompt and efficient and were quick to deal with any teething problems we may have had in setting up and learning how to use the hay steamer." North Lodge Racing

Lisa Williams, International Show Jumper, South Africa
I have been using HAYGAIN since December 2009. I currently feed 13 horses on steamed hay, using one HAYGAIN.  It is reliable and simple to use, and operated by my grooms.
There was a notable difference in the condition of coats of all my horses, within a short period of time.  Also a noticeable gaining of condition of all the horses since been fed on steamed hay – especially with my 1.50m Showjumper, Paganini.  He was always a bit scrawny, but now carries condition easily, without any other changes in his diet and routine.
In January 2010 a horse arrived with very bad travel sickness after a 28 hour trip – she had a temperature and bad cough – we were really worried about her recovery.  We put her on steamed hay immediately, and she had the most remarkable recovery – within 7 days all sign of the cough had disappeared completely.
Two horses off the track in racing condition, fed on steamed hay, showed an immediate gain in weight, quicker than I have experienced in the past.
I attribute the positive changes in my horses to the HAYGAIN steamed hay, as NOTHING else has changed in their diets and routines.

Andrea Johnson, Livery Yard Owner, West Midlands

“My HAYGAIN is fantastic; all the horses are doing really well on it. It’s quick and easy to use and I haven’t heard a cough since the yard has been on it. It saves so much mess and hassle compared to soaking and the stables are easier to manage without the slippy floor from the sopping wet hay in the corner and the left over hay mixed in the bed; they really enjoy their HAYGAIN hay so there is never a scrap left! If anyone in the area wants to come and see mine in action they are very welcome, I’m proud to have it on my yard.”

Southern Cross Horse Transport, Australia
"All horses traveling with us are fed HAYGAIN-steamed hay to reduce the risk of respiratory problems and feed contamination."  Southern Cross Horse Transport

James Fanshawe, Racehorse trainer
"Haygain hay steamers have made a significant contribution to the yard. Not only have we benfitted from several cleaner scopes, but the horses also seem to love the steamed hay. We have just taken delivery of yet another HAYGAIN hay steamer!" James Fanshawe Racing

Tim Stockdale, Olympic Show Jumper
“The horses love it! ****** sight easier than soaking! Revitalises my hay. Second to none service from a very knowledgeable team.”  Visit Tim Stockdale's official website. 

Mrs J Armstrong, Angus, Scotland
"I am absolutely delighted with my HG500! No more having to shake out the hay and sneezing, you can put the hay straight into the steam chest, it’s so user friendly.
As soon as the hay starts to steam the horses heads are over the stable door waiting for it, they love it. I don’t know how we coped before we owned our HAYGAIN, everyone should have one."

Dr Nathan Slovis, Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, Lexington, Kentucky

“Používám Haygain zde v Hagyard Equine Medical Institutu při většině respiračních případů, včetně spařování hoblin před jejich použitím ve stáji. V případě respiračních problémů zatím myslím, že HAYGAIN je to nejlepší a může definitivně pomoci snížit množství vdechovaných alergenů a částic. "


Sinead Halpin, International Event Rider, Trainer and Board of Director for the Professional Riders Organization of Gladstone, New Jersey
“In 2009, my top advanced horse, Manoir De Carneville, pulled up from a 9 minute cross country round with large amounts of blood coming from his nose. I was shocked and spent the next few weeks scoping, taking blood samples and ultimately doing allergy tests. It turns out my horse was suffering from severe allergies to hay. He was having problems breathing and under high stress at the FEI level the severity of his allergy became apparent. I was soon introduced to the HAYGAIN and it has become one of my favorite products. ‘Tate’ (Manoir De Carneville) has persevered through his allergies and was named to the 2010 High Performance List thanks to HAYGAIN. The HAYGAIN keeps my horses healthy and happy giving them the competitive edge they need to succeed.” Sinead Halpin Eventing

Jean Feeney, Perth
“Absolutely amazing! Does what it says on the can. One horse is hobdayed and coughed even on haylage. He thought he had died and gone to heaven when he had his first taste of HAYGAIN steamed hay. After a week no more coughing and he is much calmer now he is off haylage. HAYGAIN is dead easy to use, easy to set up, really well built and much quicker than expected. My daughter who suffers from hay fever is now a new assistant in the yard as she can stick her head right into the steamed hay!  Impressive service and follow up and staff are passionate about the subject and their products.
I think my horse actually prefers his steamed hay to the grass in his field!”

Allison Springer, International Event Rider and Founder of Professional Riders? Organization of Upperville, Virginia
“I first became interested in the HAYGAIN Hay Steamer for Destination Known, a top level horse that I have with allergy and breathing issues. Although I was thrilled with the results that I have seen in this horse, it didn't take long for me to realize how well all the horses in my barn do on the steamed hay. I have struggled with maintaining weight and appetite during the competition season on my other top level partner, Arthur. Arthur has blossomed on his steamed hay. A horse that is generally very picky, now dives into his hay. The well being of all my equine athletes is paramount. The delicate balance between keeping the competitive edge on my horses and ensuring their long-term stability is a big concern of mine. By using the HAYGAIN Hay Steamer I have confidence that my horses are getting the cleanest forage possible ensuring their respiratory health and the hay's nutritional value.” Allison Springer Eventing

Debbie McDonald, 2-Time Dressage Olympian of Hailey, Idaho
“Before I was introduced to HAYGAIN, I was soaking hay for Brentina to make sure that it was more palatable and dust free.  After her colic surgery, we were encouraged to do so. I also was aware that it was taking all of the important nutrients out but did not know what else to do. Then I found HAYGAIN and not just Brentina but every horse in our barn is so happy.  Now after our horses are fed the only sound you hear are the horses chewing. I no longer hear sneezing or coughing due to dust or mold spores. Once you have fed HAYGAIN you will never go back. Not to mention how wonderful it smells while it is steaming!”

Diana Burnett, International Event Rider and 2008 Canadian Olympic Team Alternate

"I am extremely impressed with our HAYGAIN hay steamer and the difference it makes in our barn. It's compact, clean, and easy to use.  I have noticed significant improvements in hay consumption from our picky eaters and I love the elimination of dust and spores from their diet.  Prior to using the HAYGAIN hay steamer, two horses in my barn coughed on a consistent basis.  Since we have started using our HAYGAIN, both cases have been eliminated.  I highly recommend the HAYGAIN hay steamer to anyone who wants the most out of their team.  I feel it is important to feed clean, safe hay and HAYGAIN insures that we do this." Diana Burnett Eventing

Jackie Dunton, Essex
"My HG1000 steamer is working great. Horse still not coughing & is really going well. He must be feeling much better. He has been ill on & off for over a year now, so you can imagine how happy we are!

Bonnie Mosser, International Event Rider, Trainer and Clinician
"My CCI**** horse, Merloch, is an extreme athlete with some pretty extreme ideas about what he does and does not like to eat.  During his “down" times he's a pretty easy keeper who cleans up most of his hay and empties his dinner bucket.  He is very social and his biggest requirement is that his bucket is placed so that he can look into the aisle while he eats.  However, he has been competing very intensely for the last several years, and every time his fitness regimen begins to ramp up his appetite decreases.  In fact, he often stops eating altogether and we really struggle to get him the nutrition that he needs to keep up his energy.  If he doesn't eat, he can't train properly and risks injury so we have always put a great deal of time and energy into devising ways to improve his appetite.  We started using our HAYGAIN hay steamer this past summer, just as preparations for Merloch's CCI*** at Fair Hill International began to increase.  And amazingly... he has been cleaning up his hay like a kid at a candy bowl.  He actually nickers with anticipation every time he sees us walking down the aisle with his steamed hay!  I have never seen him in such good form and I am convinced it is entirely thanks to his HAYGAIN-steamed hay." Bonnie Mosser Eventing

Dr Chad Davis, Regional Equine Associates Central Hospital, Virginia, USA
“One of my primary focuses within our practice is sport horse medicine and nutrition.   Since 2009, I have begun using the HAYGAIN hay steamer as an integral part of treatment for respiratory disease and allergy-affected horses.  Primarily the reduced dust, including the spores and molds found in all hay types, has reduced the extent of medications required to control COPD/Heaves horses.  One of the larger impacts has been the HAYGAIN as a tool for the classic “hard keeping horse."  These typical horses, once balanced with an appropriate nutrition plan, benefit from the HAYGAIN hay because they are willing to consume more appropriate amounts of hay for their body weights.  I attribute this to the reinvigoration or rehydration of the fructans found with all hay types.  Also, for my traveling sport horses, the reintroduction of over three gallons of water to each bale of hay, affords me the confidence that horses that typically would decrease their hay consumption while competing, now consume the same if not more feed.  Introducing more water into a horse's diet without the leaching affects of soaking hay, let alone without the mess is ideal.  HAYGAIN is part of my everyday discussion when reviewing, altering and managing sport horse diets.  Summer-affected allergy horses have shown success with reduced clinical signs and decreased medical management from previous years and the only change in their treatment plan has been a HAYGAIN hay steamer."

Bill Kroelinger, International dressage rider, Stuttgart. Germany
“I've owned a HAYGAIN for almost two months now and have to say how very pleased I am with the product and the results it delivers.  My fellow horse owners were highly sceptical when I ordered the HAYGAIN for my allergic Friesian gelding - but the results have spoken and everyone is highly impressed!  The HAYGAIN is sturdy, well constructed, easy to use, saves me time that I can spend with my horses - and the results have been fantastic!  To say I am extremely pleased with my HAYGAIN would be an understatement!”

Charles Laird, Trainer, Johannesburg, South Africa
“We have been using the HAYGAIN hay steamers to steam oathay and lucerne for the 160 race horses in our yard on a daily basis. In addition, we have also used it for horses with allergies and have steamed their straw bedding. We are very happy with the product. The oathay, lucerne and bedding are less dusty which has a positive impact on their respiratory health and well being. The horses also seem to enjoy the steamed roughage and we would recommend the HAYGAIN as an excellent addition to a professional yard.”

Gayle Heiring of Mundelein, Illinois
"We are very pleased with the improvement of my daughter’s Welsh pony, Belle, since we began using our HAYGAIN system. The COPD symptoms have decreased 80% and the pony’s endurance has improved. We have finally found the answer to managing COPD. Thanks to HAYGAIN the pair is back competing, and we are all smiles!"

Corresponding case story:
“ The owner of this horse, Gayle Heiring of Mundelein, Illinois, called our US office several months ago in tears.  Her daughter’s favorite pony, Belle, had SERIOUS respiratory issues…was diagnosed with COPD…standing breaths per minute for the horse were 25 to 30 (normal is between 8 to 16)…long story short the horse was in bad shape and the vet had tried all other resources and medications…the owner was at her wit’s end…read the attached testimonial and related photo.
We talk about the emotional side of horse ownership…this is a case book example.  Every time I speak with this customer, the conversation ends with tears…in our initial conversations, it was because she did not know what to do and she cried out of desperation…now they are tears of joy and thankfulness for HAYGAIN. This may sound a bit farfetched, but is a true story.
The horse and rider, daughter Justine, are now competing together in Junior pony trials.”


Mr E A Kincaid, BVSc MRCVS, Silva House Veterinary Group, Midsomer Norton
"My wife's horse has had persistently high GGT (gamma-glutamyl transferase) reading during routine blood tests for the last three years. Elevated GGT levels are most commonly seen from the ingestion of ragwort however it can be elevated with other agents toxic to the liver. Included in these are fungal toxins (mycotoxins in particular aflatoxins).  The grazing has no ragwort and the hay is made on site and is also free of ragwort. The hay is of variable quality with varying degrees of mould present.  In the six months of using the HAYGAIN steamer the horse's GGT levels have returned to normal.  Mycotoxins are known to be denatured by heat and as the feeding regime is little changed I feel the most likely cause for the lowering of the GGT levels is likely to be due to the neutralisation of the mycotoxins during the steaming process.  This is an observation on one individual, further trials would be required to establish proof." Silva House Vets

Graham Smith,DWCF ATF, Master Farrier and Racehorse Trainer
“The Propress Equine HAYGAIN horse hay steamer is a great idea.  We have horses who are fussy eaters and these eat the steamed hay much better than dry hay. I t is also a convenient and tidy way to use hay on the yard."

Mrs Martin, Abergavenny
“My HAYGAIN has been great, it made such a difference over the winter months. I’ve had no coughing since using it and couldn’t believe what a difference it made to the quality of my hay plus they seem to like it moist.”

Carly Evans, Somerset
"Tabu, my fifteen year old Arabian gelding, has had COPD for five years. He has been unable to eat hay without it causing him to cough, wheeze, have a very runny nose and it certainly restricted the amount of riding we were able to do. I have tried different types of hay, soaking it and dust extracted, but it has always had the same effects. Now I am steaming the hay with the HAYGAIN and Tabu does not experience any of these symptoms. My younger horse who is COPD clear and perfectly able to eat hay as normal, prefers the steamed hay so much that I now feed it to both of them! Thanks to all the staff at HAYGAIN, my horses are healthy and I'm saving a fortune by not having to buy Hayledge!"

Hannah Biggs, International Dressage Rider, Dorset

The HAYGAIN Steamer is an ingenious and now essential piece of kit that should be on every yard. I want the best for my equine athletes, all the benefits of 100% dust free forage without any loss of nutrition. I now don’t have to worry about the time and mess associated with soaking hay. I have complete peace of mind that my horses are getting the full nutritional value of their hay with no detrimental respiratory problems.” Brooks Farm Dressage

Martina Egeler, Swansea
“I think HAYGAIN is a really useful invention because it solves many problems especially the dust. I have a pony here who has laminitus and having the HG500 has mean’t  we can feed him an older hay which has a really low nutritional value but after it has been in the HAYGAIN it is palatable to him and dust-free so he gets the benefit of a tasty hay that has a low feed value. For people with 2 horses I think the half bale model is perfect because then you always feed freshly steamed hay. It is also something to look forward to especially in the winter and somewhere to sit to warm your bottom, I have really appreciated mine this winter!”

Heather Rusden, Newton Abbott

“They love their steamed hay! I have had to buy hay in this time and it is really rubbish quality, there is no smell to it and it is all stalk but I can tell you it comes out of the HAYGAIN looking a lot better than when it goes in!”

Sue Buckley, Pershore
“I’m very happy with my HG1000, it got me through the winter!”

Matt Ryan, Triple Olympic Gold Medallist

“HAYGAIN hay steamers have revolutionised the way I feed hay to my horses.  It’s such a comfort knowing our hay is so palatable and spore free.  Dust- and spore-free hay is vital to any sport horse, and in particular my eventers.  Very little water is needed, and as a result there is less waste and more savings.  It is also a much easier and less messy job than soaking.” Matt Ryan Eventing


Mrs Lees, Shropshire
“All I know is I can’t live without my HAYGAIN Hay steamer. I feed brood mares and young stock and have done so for over 40 years. All my horses are clean and clear on Haygain steamed hay. There is no wastage. They have kept their weight on despite this exceptional winter and this the first time I can honestly remark that they look so good into spring. I put that down to HAYGAIN. We are really impressed with the professionalism, the technical and equestrian knowledge of the staff at Haygain. I cannot recommend enough.”

Mrs Dale, Cambridgeshire
“My horses are out in winter. Since being on HAYGAIN steamed hay they are in better condition; bright as buttons and completely clear-no runny noses or coughs. They are really well and love their steamed hay – no wastage. Thank you HAYGAIN! I love it! So easy, clean and quick to use. Great team there at HAYGAIN too!”

Gaynor Lomas, Netherclay Livery Centre, Somerset
“I purchased a HAYAGIN steamer after doing a lot of research and comparisons between different steamers.  It was part of a water saving scheme at the Livery Yard I run which has forty horses.
There was a large number of people soaking hay and apart from seeing a lot of water used, it always made a mess and caused the drains to block when the water was thrown away after only one use. 
I chose the Haygain as it steams from the inside of the bale. It takes a whole bale or several full haynets at a time. The first steaming takes about 50 minutes, thereafter the time to steam takes about 35mins. 
The HAYGAIN has really proved its worth this winter, especially with the frozen, snowy conditions.  The clients are really pleased as they have not had to deal with cold water, (I think the haynets would have frozen this year!!!) I found clients warming their hands during the worst of the cold, as it is perfectly safe to touch the outside when it is in use!!!  The horses love it, the steamed hay is extremely palatable, dust free, therefore much healthier for them, it smells great and it saves lifting heavy haynets.  The cost in electricity is outweighed by the savings in water which is considerable.  The yard looks cleaner, the drains don’t get blocked and we have no problem with used water turning to ice on the concrete which happened when soaking hay.
It is easy to use and maintain, and ours steams at least 6 bales a day.
Thank you HAYGAIN.”
Netherclay Livery Centre

Judith Maxwell, East Lothian
“My horse had a really deep cough and since feeding the steamed hay there has been absolutely no coughs at all which is absolutely brilliant. With no let up from the snow for 5 weeks and temperatures of -18degrees, there would have been no way we could have soaked hay. Our HAYGAIN has been a god’s send and I don’t know what we would have done without it!”

Mr & Mrs Moore, Devon
“I am very very pleased with my HAYGAIN 500, my thoroughbred mare used to cough but now it’s almost nonexistent and she is putting on weight and condition. We rely on our steamer a lot, especially in these cold conditions we have been having.”

Timothy D Galer, Peasebrook Equine Clinic, BVet Med Cert ESM MRCVS
“At Peasebrook Equine Clinic we use the HAYGAIN Steamer to render our hay dust free and to improve the palatability. Most of our in-patients are on box rest or are in light exercise. It is vital that we can provide them with clean palatable fibre that will not make them too lively. Increasing the moisture intake of the horse via steamed hay is another important advantage. Box-resting horses have an increased risk of large intestinal impaction and so maintaining good moisture intake will help prevent this. Lastly sick horses are often reluctant to eat and so the enhanced palatability of steamed hay is very helpful. In summary the HAYGAIN steamer has been a very successful addition to our clinic”.

Ellie Hughes, Tried and Tested, Eventing magazine
“I had never considered using a hay steamer before but I was keen to give it a go and I was very impressed. The company representative who came to deliver it explained the science behind it. The whole process takes about 50min and the steam, which is injected into the middle of the bale of hay, kills dust spores without reducing the hays nutritional value. Initially, I was concerned that my electricity bill would increase but apparently it only costs between 18 and 22p per steam. Using a standard electrical timer switch to turn the steamer on first thing in the morning your hay can be steamed by the time you are ready to feed. A hay steamer like this, which takes one bale at a time, is expensive but it would be invaluable for a large yard.
Star rating ****. A practical product that is idea for big yards and is sold by a firm with impressive customer service,”

Tim Price, (NZ)International 4 Star Event Rider
"I was originally interested in the HAYGAIN hay steamer when my four star horse Vortex had a slight cough in the lead up to Burghley. The improvement in him was instant. The benefits of steamed hay has become startlingly obvious to us and we now use Haygain with all our competition horses. It is practical to use, combined with a very robust design, HAYGAIN makes complete sense. "

Susan Hall, Lichfield
“Thrilled to pieces with my HAYGAIN, especially as there is no wastage of hay”

Mrs Hawley, Powys
“ It has changed my life! One friend didn’t know how I could justify the cost, and another said it was a bargain to never have to soak hay again, all I know is it has changed my life!!”

Mickey Benton, South Gloucestershire
“I spent a long time deliberating over the decision to buy a hay steamer over the past year, I looked into it in great depth and at all options available on the market. I am now so pleased I bought my HAYGAIN. The horse I bought it for has had no sign of phlegm since using it and they both love their warm hay. I wish I had bought it sooner, it would have saved me a lot of time and effort soaking hay which clearly didn’t work anyway as she still had a snotty nose on the soaked hay!”

Vivienne McFarlane, Carnwath
 “The HAYGAIN Hay Steamer has radically improved my life and that of my horses!  It is fabulous. Easy to use and really well built. The company respond immediately to any queries.  I would, without hesitation, recommend the HAYGAIN to any horse owner who cares about the quality of life of their horses, whether a professional rider or a happy hacker like myself.”

Rose Dobbin, National Hunt Trainer, Northumberland
“It is very reassuring feeding our horses their hay, fresh and warm from the Haygain steamer, it looks and smells delicious and you are safe in the knowledge it is completely clean with no harmful dust or spoors in it.  The horses all love it and gobble it up and touch wood they don’t cough.  I have 28 horses in now and steam about 6 bales a day, if we ever get a lot bigger, I would certainly invest in another steamer.”

N J Henderson, National Hunt Trainer
“We feed all 120 horses on HAYGAIN-steamed hay, so that the nutritional value of our hay is maintained whilst eliminating any harmful content. It makes it more palatable and has eliminated the key contributing factor that causes horses to cough. Whilst our hay is top quality steaming it in HAYGAIN ensures the consistency in every bale, it goes in fully strung which makes it simple to use and the unit is really built to cope with the rigors of our busy yard.”

Tried and Tested, Allison Lowther, Your Horse Head of Products
“From time to time both my horses have had coughs, mainly during the winter months, but this year Jester’s cough has continued through the summer. I was keen to see if the hay steamer would help. I had the larger HG1000 hay steamer and a bale of hay fits easily into the chamber. It takes about 50 minutes for a bale to steam and the hay feels softer and has a more palatable smell to it.
The set up of my yard isn’t hay steamer friendly – I had to cart my hay a little – but the horses love their steamed hay. In fact, I’m not wasting much hay at all. I’m pleased to say after feeding the hay; Jester’s irritating couch has finally gone! This hay steamer is a neat design and is easy to use, and I’m pleased with the results.
It’s a big investment but, if you have a horse who suffers on dry hay or you’re struggling soaking hay, it’s definitely one that’s worth considering.”

Miss Osborne, Essex
“We are so pleased with our half bale HAYGAIN haysteamer and it’s so easy to use! In 40 minutes we have warm sweet smelling hay loved by all the horses. Our horses are all retired, between 20 & 30 years old, and there is now no coughing. Well done!”

Nicki Davies, Gloucestershire
“The service I received when purchasing my HAYGAIN haysteamer was second to none.  The knowledge of the team made making my decision a lot easier.  The after sales service has been and continues to be extremely good, any questions are always answered quickly and they care about the impact it has had on my horses’ well being.
I would not hesitate in recommending HAYGAIN to any friends.  Great product supported by a fantastic team.”

Graham Mckeever, Point to Point trainer and consigner
“HAYGAIN works. Every trainer should have one. I’ve seen a marked improvement in my horse’s respiratory health and as a result, an all round improvement on and off the track.”          

Mr Phillips, West Yorkshire
“I have just received my HAYGAIN and used it for the time and I am thrilled with the results. I can’t believe how it has improved the hay and I normally have allergic reactions towards hay and I had no symptoms when handling the steamed hay! I am very impressed with the results and the quality of the product.”

Libby Saugman, Oxon
“I’m really pleased with the Haygain ½ bale unit I bought a couple of months ago. Neither the horse nor the pony has coughed since I have been using the HAYGAIN. It has strong and quality fittings and is really easy to use.   Actually I could quite happily eat the warm hay myself it smells so good!  Toby has lots of energy and I suspect it is a combination of the HAYGAIN producing good palatable hay and the fact that all the goodness isn't being soaked away.  I shall just hang on to my hat and think of England!!  Brilliant product!”

Mrs Linda Rudd, West Sussex
“I just wanted to write and thank you for introducing me to your HAYGAIN steamer. Although we are only a small yard of four stables, nevertheless the constant soaking of hay in the winter was really taking the enjoyment out of having horses.
Now that we have the Steamer and have fitted a timer by the time we arrive for morning stables the first two hay nets are ready. We are saving money on the amount of water used, which balances out the extra electricity. Also we are now able to use up our older, more dusty hay, rather than wasting it and having to supplement with haylage. There is no more worry about “coughing” and the horses love having a warm hay net to come in for.
So, all in all, it’s been a great investment, and I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to make stable life that bit easier!”

Charity Black, Portsmouth
“I love it! They love it!  So fast and easy to use. I’ve had my Haygain HG-500 hay steamer for six months now – no more coughs or wheezing in my yard and the horses are more settled. A very professional company with knowledgeable staff, I recommend HAYGAIN to everyone.”

Phil and Claire Harrison, Denbigh
 “We absolutely love our HAYGAIN 500, it’s really easy to use and fits in easily with our daily  routine.  It offers huge advantages over the use of haylage, which we used to use.  Hay is much cheaper, we don’t have the nightmare of getting rid of the wrapping that comes with haylage and we could never get through a whole bale and were always having to throw some away. Our horses love eating HAYGAIN steamed hay both hot or cold so they eat up every scrap and there is now absolutely no wastage! Now we don’t have the cost of Haylage or the wastage we think our HAYGAIN will pay for itself over just a couple of seasons.  Both horses love it with one horse in particular having an allergy to dust which has stopped since feeding the HAYGAIN steamed hay”

Derek Glass, County Durham
“Having been advised that the HAYGAIN system worked extremely well by other equestrian users I obtained a full bale unit in Sept 09. The unit has proven to be excellent in improving the quality of hay fed to our stable of 4 horses comprising of hunters and eventers which feed enthusiastically on the steamed hay produced. I can fully recommend the HAYGAIN system to any potential customer.”

Caroline Sussex. Binley Arab Stud. Hants

"The best thing about Haygain hay steamers is that you never have to soak your hay again to get the dust out as the steamer does all this for you.  I am extremely pleased with the Haygain 500 which is the half size.  We use different amounts at different times of the year and this means that we can steam as little as two haynets or just continue steaming until we have had enough.  One horse has serious dust related allergies: Haygain has been a great bonus, he coughed in the spring and autumn but I am now feeding him dust free hay all year round.  His performance has been very good.  I cannot fault the service of the company; I had on trial the full bale unit for two weeks but I found this too much for feeding in the summer, and the company just came and exchanged it for the smaller version.  I am recommending it to my friends."
Binley Arab Stud

Deborah Fielding, International Event Rider and Horse Breeder
"The HAYGAIN has become a vital bit of equipment on our yard; it is easy to use, whilst saving on the time and the mess produced by traditional hay soaking.  The end result is lovely, fresh clean hay which all our horses enjoy eating and even in the short time we have used the HAYGAIN it has improved the condition of all our horses." Picanini Stud

Claire Jehan, Guernsey

“My old horse has a long history of breathing problems but I had long given up soaking hay as he did not really like it and I was throwing a lot of soggy hay on the muck heap.  Steaming hay with a kettle seemed ineffectual and so when I saw an advert for HAYGAIN I decided give it a try.  Both my old horse and young Shetland pony are now enjoying clean warm sweet smelling hay and every scrap is eaten.  The old horse even prefers steamed hay to horsehage!  I would have no qualms about recommending HAYGAIN to any one whose horse is a fussy eater of hay!”

Grace Muir, HEROS
“We bought HAYGAIN as I had been interested in hay steamers for quite some time, and it looked to be very good well made product.   It is very beneficial and a ‘god send’ to us.
 Haygain has fitted in very well with the daily routine; bearing in mind we have around 140 horses: they all like it very much.  Horses who cough periodically due to allergies have been much better.  The Weanlings who had snotty noses and were put on it, cleared up quickly.  Also some dirty tracheal washes when re-tested, having been on the steamed hay, were remarkably better.  We have quite a number of horses here who have wind ops and need more palatable and digestible hay. The staff also much prefer dealing with Haygain steamed hay as opposed to wet hay.
I would recommend Haygain hay steamer to anyone from a small to professional yard with horses competing in any discipline for the reasons stated above and many more.” Heros Charity - rehabilitating, re-training and re-homing race horses.

Emily Llewellyn, Young Rider Gold Medallist
“Our new HAYGAIN hay steamer is absolutely brilliant; we are really thrilled with it.  It is proving hugely labour-saving and we are so pleased not to have to soak heavy hay nets anymore!  It has enabled us to go back to feeding hay rather than haylage, which is cheaper, and the horses appear calmer and more trainable.  We feed HAYGAIN-steamed hay at competitions as well as at home." Emily Llewellyn Eventing

Nicola Ashton, Kent
"No more soaking!  I was delighted to trial the HAYGAIN hay steamer for Horsemart recently.  This is a fantastic product which is very easy to use, providing dust- and spore-free hay which smells lovely and sweet and, most importantly, the horses love – even the ones who can be a bit fussy away at shows.  Having spent years lugging heavy soaked hay nets around the yard, we are delighted to be using this product every day now.  It has drastically cut our water consumption and we are no longer wasting soaked hay that is no longer palatable.  We are able to feed our horses as much clean, healthy hay as they want.  We are also delighted that we no longer need to take haylage to shows as whole bales can be steamed at home and then loaded onto the lorry wrapped in plastic which keeps them warm and palatable.  The team at Propress Equine has a particular interest in horses and has thoroughly researched the benefits of steaming and, most importantly, has proven results.  Easy to use and totally effective, the HAYGAIN hay steamer has to be the way forward for healthy eating.  I would totally recommend this product to any horse owner.  5*****"

Andrew Boxhall, National Hunt Trainer, Mid-Glamorgan
“Since using the HAYGAIN-steamed hay, my horses have been clean winded and running well.  There is very little waste; even the fussy ones enjoy it.  The HAYGAIN is a good investment; it saves on having to scope and medicate the horses as often, so pays for itself soon enough."

Mrs Bates, Somerset
“Brilliant - so easy to assemble and use.  I've had my HAYGAIN hay steamer for just three days, and already there is a huge improvement.  Neither horse is coughing as they were, even though the hay is the rubbish end of last season's.  The fussy eater is gobbling it up - it smells great too!  It's already improved my own allergies as well and it's an unbelievable improvement in handling - fantastic!"

Gail and Robin Berry, Bristol
“Our HAYGAIN hay steamer is extremely well-engineered - no sharp bits - and well thought out.  It's very easy to use, foolproof.  We have one mare that was really struggling with dust, and suffering badly; after just a fortnight of HAYGAIN-steamed hay she is completely clear, and definitely fitter and better in herself.  We would definitely recommend HAYGAIN to anyone."

Tracey Lander, Leicestershire
 “We love our HAYGAIN hay steamer.  We both work full time and we’ve got four horses at home, so in that situation any time you can save is fantastic; it’s great.  And it saves us messing around with buckets of water, especially with winter coming.  We’re delighted."

Emma Bird, Essex
“I have a yard of 12 dressage horses ranging from foals to advanced competition horses and I worry a lot about the dust in the hay.  I feed all my horses ad lib, therefore it's very expensive to feed haylage and very difficult to soak hay, particularly in the winter when the taps freeze.  Steaming the hay makes a huge difference on my yard; it's very easy to use, takes about an hour with very little water used.  It smells amazing when it's steamed and means that I can feed my horses as much hay as they need without the worry of dust and fungal spores.  Thank you very much for all your help and advice and I will definitely recommend the HAYGAIN hay steamer to others."

Dianne Carpanina, Mid Glamorgan
"My two horses had a viral infection two years ago which never seemed to clear completely and left them with a thick discharge and a slight cough.  Since using the HAYGAIN hay steamer, it has completely cleared up.  My friends thought I was bonkers spending £1500 on a HAYGAIN but it has been worth every penny!  Once the hay has been steamed, the lushness is lovely and my horses eat every scrap.  I have asthma and a nasal problem and my condition (peak flow) has improved two fold (doubled) since using dust-free HAYGAIN-steamed hay."

Gareth Hughes, International Dressage Rider
"Breathing is of paramount important to our international dressage horses here at Aspen Grove.  We used to soak our hay, like many yards, thinking this would make it completely dust-free, when actually it doesn't.  We have gone on to the HAYGAIN hay steamer so we know the hay is completely dust- and spore-free, giving our horses the best quality feed we can."

Debbie Cox, Bristol
The best thing about using HAYGAIN is that I no longer need to worry if the hay is a bit dusty.  My coloured mare would always cough and have a snotty nose if the hay was even slightly dusty, but she hasn't coughed at all since being on HAYGAIN-steamed hay.  Whatever horses I have in all have the HAYGAIN-steamed hay now.  I just couldn't be without it!"

Christine Wait, Devon
 “I won't repeat all the good reports on the HAYGAIN - all true - but just would like to mention how impressed I have been with the after-sales service.  Very efficient, friendly and helpful."

Mrs Ruth Humphrey, Devon
“I am delighted with my HAYGAIN hay steamer.  My horse is really happy, eating every scrap, and it's a lot easier than soaking.  The HAYGAIN is really easy to use; just pop in a bale and close the lid - simple, tough, strong."

Hughie Morrison, Flat Trainer
“An immediate positive effect was evident in horses with irritable airways when we started using the Propress Equine HAYGAIN horse hay steamer; when we stopped using it, those horses started coughing again within four days.  We are now using HAYGAIN as part of our daily feeding regime.  It is indispensable to us as it undoubtedly benefits our horses.” Hughie Morrison Racing

Susie Cullen, Devon
“I no longer get cold and wet carrying soaked haynets, and the horses love the soft, warm steamed hay.  Since using the Haygain I have not heard a single cough in the stables, and all the horses have had clear wind.  My horses love the soft, warm steamed hay and it’s so easy to use, definitely worth the investment for me.”

Elaine Elliott, Lancashire
"One of our horses was a rescue horse and has had a bit of a bad life.... he was left in a field to starve for a year as he used to rear... it turned out he had a bone infection in his jaw that he had had for over four years and needed a tooth out.... a 5 1/2 hour op later and a year's rehab he is now doing amazing classical dressage .... not bad for an  ex-jumper.  He has always been a little chesty but after HAYGAIN the only chest he has now is muscle - cough gone!  Plus I love the added bonus of all my neighbours being jealous as the smell of freshly-steamed hay wafts into their gardens every morning .... all the horses just love it and we love less work .... no more filling water buckets and waiting for it to drain.  All the goodness stays in and I just find it so easy every morning just put a bale in and 50 minutes later ..... warm hay.  I have found the  company  excellent in every aspect and the after care is really second to none.  I wish other companies would take a leaf out of their book, as it would be a pleasure to go to work if all the companies I deal with had customer care like HAYGAIN.  A very happy customer with very happy, healthy horses.... THANK YOU HAYGAIN!"

Geraldine Fraser, Argyll
 “I’m in love with my HAYGAIN hay steamer - what a difference from slogging heavy hay nets around all the time.  I’m so pleased with it; my husband said I should have had one sooner, and he  takes some impressing!"

Jackie Bennett, Derbyshire
“I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my new HAYGAIN. It is larger than I thought but is incredibly easy to use. My boy lives out, but I leave him the steamed hay in a rack which he can access when he wants. In previous years he has coughed especially at this time of year when  I gave him hay but since using my HAYGAIN he hasn't coughed at all. I always give him a warm feed in the winter as he lives out, I can now give him warm hay as well and without all the hassle and mess of dripping wet hay!"

Tom George, National Hunt Trainer
“The Propress Equine HAYGAIN horse hay steamer has been an absolute revelation.  We feed all 70+ horses on HAYGAIN-steamed hay, including our top performers Island Flyer, Nacarat, Zanir, Lord Ryeford, Kilbeggan Blade and Tartak.  We had horses coughing which has now stopped completely and there have been absolutely no problems since our horses have been on the HAYGAIN-steamed hay.  I can recommend it to everyone.  We get improved performance from all our horses due to uninterrupted training schedules.  It is a huge step forward for us and the industry.” Tom George Racing

Lucy Cartwright, Dressage Rider
"I have always been aware of the need to minimize dust in the horse’s environment and I have now found a way to achieve this completely.  In addition to using dust-free bedding in airy stables and making sure they get turnout, I now feed dust-free HAYGAIN-steamed hay.  My horse would cough at the start of work; it was never enough to call the vet but it did bother me and must have affected his work and performance.  Since using the HAYGAIN hay steamer this has stopped completely and I now have total peace of mind that my horse has the best feeding regime and an environment which is as dust-free as possible.”  Lucy Cartwright Online

Polly Gundry, Point to Point Trainer and Jockey
 “Top class forage is essential for any horse, especially race-horses whose lungs are essential for ultimate performance.  However it can be very difficult to make or find good hay in the English climate.  The Propress Equine HAYGAIN horse hay steamer ensures that hay, second rate or first class, does not contain any spores or dust that might limit your horse’s performance.  I was sceptical about such equipment but, having used a HAYGAIN horse hay steamer, I am completely confident that the forage our horses eat will not impede their performance, but rather enhance it, which I have not been able to be sure of before."

Anna Sims-Hilditch, Wiltshire
 “Our Novice Eventer has had a series of nasal and lung infections since we had him over two years.  Three months ago he was a very sick horse with Farmers Lung ‘brought on by spores in previously soaked hay.  His lungs were sorted over four weeks of intravenous horrible smelling pints of liquid and antibiotics.  Although scoped clean he still had an annoying throat cough.  However, 24 hours after using the HAYGAIN hay steamer, the cough has gone.  He is back in work and moving forward.  To say I was thrilled is an understatement.  Thank you."

Vanessa Lee, Shropshire
"I'm so pleased with my HAYGAIN HG-500 half-bale steamer.  It's easy to use and maintain and is really rugged.  Within 40 minutes, I have really fantastic warm sweet-smelling hay; they gobble it up!  It saves me a fortune compared to haylage.  My 12 y.o. pony had been developing a condition over the last 18 months which had becoming worrying, with white snotty mucus.  Within eight weeks, this has completely cleared.  Both horses are much better in themselves, coats and feet too!  I can't live without it - and at last I'm not wheezing either!"

John M. Killingbeck, BSc, BVM&S, CertEP, MRCVS
 “The most widespread medical condition affecting horses in the UK is their allergic response to inhaled mould and fungal spores found in hay and straw.  This disease, which is often asymptomatic in the early stages, dramatically reduces the exercise tolerance and performance of competition horses.  My experience with the HAYGAIN hay steamer suggests this machine can make a significant contribution to the prevention and management of this very common disease."

Fiona King, Isle of Wight
“I was shocked to have won, as I never win anything, and I didn’t think much about it when I entered the competition to win a HAYGAIN hay steamer.  I wasn’t actually convinced that I needed a HAYGAIN.  I was using haylage and, although I wasn’t completely happy with it, it was easy and convenient and I had a nice local supplier.  When I won the HAYGAIN, I realized that I didn’t have any hay to go in it!  As it’s not that easy to source these days, I was starting to think this was more hassle than it was worth!  This is why HAYGAIN had to be amazingly impressive to make all this inconvenience worthwhile…  Well?  I can’t tell you how impressed I am:  it is  so, so good and so easy to use.  The hay is not heavy, like soaking and I don’t have the problem of using it up, like haylage. I have a retired eventer and a pony which both cough even on haylage – both have now stopped.  I also have another eventer and a dressage horse; I am so pleased to be able to feed them hay  now as I had always worried about haylage and how much it varies, but I used it because I didn’t think I had a choice because of the dust in hay.  I have been using last year’s hay which goes into the HAYGAIN looking fairly rubbish and not very appetizing but comes out looking amazing and they all love it!   Not only that, my husband suffers really badly with hay fever, and he’s absolutely fine  with HAYGAIN-steamed hay so he can give me a hand!  I can’t recommend it highly enough!  I’m a complete convert."

Rachel Cucchi, Isle of Man
“Všichni moji koně milují HAYGAIN pařič sena a jeden s COPD dýchá mnohem lépe.”  

Lizzie Kincade, Isle of Man
“We did a test to see what our horses liked best: HAYGAIN-steamed hay or bagged haylage (specifically for horses with breathing problems).  We put HAYGAIN-steamed hay in the bottom of their mangers and haylage on the top and the horses threw all the haylage on the floor to get to the steamed hay; they love it!  I’m so happy with the HAYGAIN; I can’t speak highly enough of it."

Ann Newton, Aspen Grove Dressage
“I bought a HAYGAIN hay steamer for my private yard and was so impressed with it we have now installed one in our main competition yard, where we train top international dressage horses, so health and performance are imperative.  The HAYGAIN makes light work of preparing hay on such a busy yard.”

Charlie Longsdon, National Hunt Trainer
 “Having had a quiet start to the season, after introducing HAYGAIN-steamed hay, we have seen an up-turn in our fortunes here at Charlie Longsdon Racing"

Hermine Murra Levens, Clwyd
"I first saw your HAYGAIN in a horse magazine and went on the internet to research this as I was spending so much time soaking hay and all the mess it brought and not enough time with the horses.  Two of the seven horses we own are 10 and 14 y.o and cough on dry hay.  I had been battling with this problem with them for some years.  I had a very detailed helpful conversation about how the HAYGAIN works and its benefits.  I decided to buy one immediately and couldn't wait for its arrival.  The results are amazing.  My hard feed costs are almost zero. The HAYGAIN should be called Weight Gain!  The horses eat slower.  I have had no vet bills related to hay/allergies since using the HAYGAIN for almost a year now.  No coughing from any of the horses who live closely together.  Hardly any mess so more time spent working with the horses.  The horses are calmer and happier.  The HAYGAIN is easy to use and saves time.  It's very environmentally friendly as very little water compared with soaking  hay – a much drier yard now too.  The cost of the HAYGAIN has already paid me back my money.  I think no yard should be without one.  I want to say “don't waste any more time, just go and buy one.  You can reap the benefits in a very short time just as I have done.  The HAYGAIN is extremely good value for money and so is the after customer care."  I want to say thank you to you all for making my life less stressful."

Mrs Carole Matthews, Hampshire
“My sister won the HAYGAIN in the Horse and Hound magazine competition and gave it to me as a gift.  It has fitted in the routine of the yard as I used to wet the hay, so now all I do is use the steamer; it has improved the horses' breathing, and I feel they can go on a bit longer when doing faster work.  It has also helped not having to lift heavy hay nets full of water out of barrels anymore.  That’s a big improvement as, probably like most horse people, I suffer with my back after years of heavy lifting.  I would recommend the HAYGAIN steamer for competition yards, and people who have horses with breathing problems, as I am sure it would help."

Gail Morrison, Ayrshire
 “I think my HAYGAIN is wonderful and so do my horses.  They're ecstatic about the hay and not a scrap is left!  The half-bale model is just right for me."

Rachel Platt, Essex
“I just wanted to say thank you so much for my HAYGAIN half bale hay steamer.  I've been using it for a month now and am over the moon with it. My horse is a 27-year-old fussy feeder with mild COPD.   He now devours his hay without exception and I have peace of mind knowing that his respiratory system is not being compromised.  This ensures that I can continue to exercise him into old age which keeps his joints supple and his mischievous side at bay. It could not be easier to use and maintain the HAYGAIN and I am actually not dreading winter for once - no more icy buckets of water and ice rinks on the yard.  I keep the HAYGAIN at home in my garage and use it on a timer so that the hay is ready to take to the yard when I wake up, thereby allowing me another 20 minutes in bed - bonus!"

Sara Rance, Cornwall
 “My horses have never coughed but I hated using wet hay and was worried about feeding haylage, so the HAYGAIN was a great option. We produce our own hay so we know what goes into it, but this year’s wasn't keeping that well and I needed something to help this situation.  HAYGAIN is easy to use and does exactly what you say it does and it saves time and water.  It is much healthier to have drier beds – no more dripping from haynets - especially for the horses that drag their hay about.  They certainly do like their HAYGAIN-steamed hay, especially when it’s just come out.  One of my horses was initially a little unsure, but he is always the first to shout for it now.  I am very pleased with my HAYGAIN: I don't feel it’s a luxury item, more a necessity.  It is well made and comes with very good backup.  The company is very professional with excellent communication skills.  I wouldn't like to be without my HAYGAIN.”

Tracey Reed, East Sussex
 “Mám 3Oti ročního záchranného koně, který trpí CHOPN. Od té doby co krmím HAYGAINEM- pařičem sena přestal kašlat....Je to tak jednoduché!!!”

Deborah Cox, Kent
“I have a couple of horses with breathing problems and thought HAYGAIN looked like a good idea when I saw it at BETA this year. I have always been worried about the dust in hay and this seemed to be a possible answer.  Since using the HAYGAIN I have seen an improvement in all my horses.  My competition horses have lost their classic clearance cough at the start of their work sessions and it has definitely helped me manage those with COPD.  I would also say I've seen an improvement in their overall wellbeing especially in their coat condtion; I'm not sure why that would be but the only thing I've changed is feeding them HAYGAIN-steamed hay! They also
love it!"

Frank Sheridan, Trainer
 “S HAYGAINEM pařičem sena jsem velice spokojený. Dřive jsem seno namáčel ale od té doby co používám HAYGAIN, došlo u mých koní k výraznému zlepšení. Všichni moji koně milují seno, dokonce i úzkostliví jedinci."

Lucy Killingbeck, Show Horse Producer and International Showing Judge
“Seno je základem každé koňské  stravy, ale je stále obtížnější získat ho bez prachu. S  HAYGAINEM pařičem sena ale vím, že krmím čisté seno bez prachu. Mnoho let jsem trpěla sennou rýmou a po  manipulaci se senem jsem měla stejné příznaky jako bych seděla uprostřed léta na poli sena, od té doby co používám HAYGAIN už to ale není můj případ."

Peter Storr, International Dressage Rider and Trainer
“Zjistil jsem, že HAYGAIN- pařič sena je neocenitelný přírustek do mé stáje.  Je to geniální a snadný způsob, jak nakrmit koně zaručeně bezprašným senem. Drezurní koně  jsou jako vrcholoví sportovci, a tak je důležité, aby jejich respirační systém byl schopný splnit všechny požadavky tohoto náročného sportu."

Christina Williams, Ashford

" Zakoupila jsem si Haygain pro poloviční balík zhruba před měsícem. Velmi efektivně snížil počet kašlů v naší stáji " . JIž pět let se snažím najít seno bez plísní a upřímně je to nemožné. Vlatním 5 koní, 3 pracují a dva jsou mladí koně. Normálně krmím siláž, ale když je teplé počasí jako například mezi obdobími, kdy siláž není, tak Haygain je výborná věc. Je velmi jednoduchý na užívání a jeho používání se stalo naší denní rutinou a snadno naplním dvě plné sítě.

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